Why Vèd

What is Vèd?  

 Vèd is a Hungarian verb that means to protect, to guard, to stand for. We strive to bring protection from all negative emotions that our customers might be experiencing. We want to make a place where our clients feel safe and calm.

Who are We? 

Vèd is built by a team of athletes, health, and wellness gurus. We are all driven by the same passion of influencing the world to achieve a better and healthier lifestyle. We are focused on helping people by utilizing all the scientific and beautifying benefits extracted from our supreme quality hemp products.

Why Luxury? 

We measure luxury by how good a person feels. The better you feel, the richer you will be. Richer in happiness, richer in joy, richer in mental clarity, and richer in relaxation. This is exactly how we want our products to make you feel. Your CBD experience needs to be luxurious, pleasing your senses and reducing your negative emotions. It needs to be pure, organic, and effective, so that you would want to incorporate it in your own wellness routine.

Our Creation Process

Our Packaging

Final Product

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