Can CBD Topicals make you test positive on a Drug Test?

Can CBD Topicals make you test positive on a Drug Test?

Can CBD Topicals make you test positive on a Drug Test?

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I have not smoked or eaten any CBD products for half a year, but I continue to use CBD topicals to manage pain. Can I test positive for cannabis in a urine analysis?

CBD Topicals can be extremely beneficial when using for localized inflammation. They are very popular because of their ability to work on contact with having no psychoactive effects.

First, a person needs to understand the type of CBD they are using before doing a drug test. There are three main types of CBD. Full Spectrum, Broad Spectrum, and Isolate. Full spectrum CBD includes the full arsenal of cannabinoids, including THC. Broad Spectrum CBD, includes various cannabis compounds, excluding THC. CBD Isolate is the pure form of CBD with no other compounds. Here at Vèd, we offer the highest quality CBD Isolate gel, with no THC!

Going back to the question, in theory, when you use CBD topicals with THC, you cannot get high. Therefore, you it will not cause you to test positive on a drug test.

Applying a CBD topical breaks through the skin and the muscle, but does not reach the blood stream. According to Dr. Amanda Reiman, she has not seen any reported cases of positive drug tests from topical applications and the research supports this.”

However, there is also transdermal patches, which have the ability to reach the blood stream, like nicotine patches that can cause a positive drug test.

We are concerned only with topicals such as salves, lotions, gels, and balms that can be rubbed on the skin.

A very good example to understand how CBD topicals work is to think about rubbing alcohol. When you rub it on your skin, you don’t feel intoxicated or have a BAL over the legal limit. Similarly, when you rub CBD with THC on your skin, you will not get high. Again, here at Vèd, we offer the highest quality CBD Isolate gel, with no THC in it! However, do not forget that like the transdermal patches, consuming CBD with THC in another way will likely show on a drug test.  

We also want to take a moment and explain the different types of drug test and their relationship to CBD with THC or marijuana.

In general, in order to ensure that the drug test will be clean, you should take time off from taking drugs, but each test is different in the amount of time one needs to abstain from the drugs and the results the test will show.

The first test we want to discuss is the urine test. The urine test can detect  THC in the fat cells, since some of it gets washed out with the urine. THC can reside in the fat cells for up to 4 weeks after usage.

Next, is the blood test. This is not very common for marijuana and CBD with THC testing because the traces can be eliminated in 48hrs. Furthermore, blood tests are far more expensive to conduct and analyze, this is why urine tests are preferred for this type of testing.

Last, but not least, and one of the most interesting ways to test is through the hair follicle which works by detecting THC metabolites that have been passively diffused from the blood stream to the base of the hair follicle. The wowing part of this test is that it can actually trace usage for up to three months and can also tell about the patterns of use of the person. However, due to pollution and other factors, those test often show false positives.

Furthermore, in a lot of places, drug tests ca be administered in a discriminatory manner including invasion of privacy and assumption of usage, but they are very often used for jobs, in athletics and in the judicial system.

However, whatever notions one might have about drug testing, failing a drug test can be detrimental to one’s life! This is why, Vèd advises you to really research the products you are using and only trust the best in the industry.

How much to apply:

A CBD regiment is strictly individual, so the real expert in this will be you.

CBD has a different effect on every person. This is why, you need to personally find how much and how often you need to apply in order to see the best and lasting results. Start with smaller and more isolated areas and gradually increase to applying the muscle gel on bigger areas until you experience the results you are looking for.

Function of CBD Topicals:

When applied topically, CBD is formulated to be absorbed through the top layer of the skin. In other words, it will not reach your bloodstream meaning that you do not need to worry about any psychotropic effects.

We recommend gradually adjusting your CBD application, until you feel the desired result. Most people feel a difference after 2-3 days of application 1 to 2 times a day.

Application ritual

Areas: any joint, bone or muscle inflammation, post-surgery aches, sports injuries, etc.

Application: Apply directly on the affected area and feel the spread of the soothing effect              

Recommended routine

When you get an injury, try putting a bag of ice for 15-20mins on affected area. After, that apply Vèd muscle gel on the affected area. Repeat as needed.

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